Thursday, October 31, 2013

Week 7 The Next Day - What We Have Now

So here we sit.  The crisis is over, whatever it was that got us to this point. Whether it was due to an accident, a disease, old age, or something else, our loved one truly is gone.  Wow. They are finished here on earth.  How can that be?  It is just too hard to think about sometimes.  We feel like we are sitting in a pile of ashes. We have only the leftovers...after the love is gone. We are left….but with what?

We are left with our lives. Not the lives we might want, but the lives we now have in front of us.  The truth is, those lives are going to continue, and how they end up will be heavily influenced by our choices, our decisions, and our hearts.  So while we feel very out of control over our loved one’s death, we actually are confronted with many ways in which we are in charge.  We need to make good decisions for our lives and our futures.

Words that describe our feelings now may be; scary, frightening, new, fresh, overwhelming, exhilarating, heavy, or depressing.  There are a lot of ways to feel and experience where we are now and what we have now.  However, we are not starting this new journey with nothing.  Almost everyone has loves and complications and relationships and families. We probably all have a lot of things in our lives already that we have not considered, have discounted as not enough/important or are not seeing at all.  So our question is...what do you really have NOW?

Spend some time this week writing down everything you have in your life that you think is positive – those who are left, work, a house, a car, a nice comfy bed, central heat, food - remember the little things, not just the big things.  Spend some time thanking God that you actually have them.  Then think for just a few minutes about how those blessings can be your base for other good things…..for other blessings…..for your future. You can do it.


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