Thursday, October 3, 2013

Week 3 The Next Day - Who Are My Friends on This Journey?

As you move through the Grief Slinky, your life is constantly changing.  Not only do you wonder where God is in this time of hurt and sadness, but you also might start to look around and wonder, “Where are some of my friends?”

Your best friends, the friends you thought would be there forever, are nowhere to be found.  Yes, they came to the funeral, and sent flowers and a card. But they are not calling, coming over, or asking you out to dinner.  Where are they?

Then you suddenly turn around and find yourself walking with, and being loved by other friends. Maybe they were just acquaintances, or even casual life friends before. Yet here they are, listening to you, calling you, loving you, and becoming your unexpected lifeline.

As you look for God in your journey, also pay attention to the people who are with you on this walk.  Note the surprising or new friends who are showing up and making this process possible for you.  Don’t overlook them.  Accept their blessing. As for your lifelong friends who have drifted away for now, try to give them some grace. Not everyone can understand and handle this journey. And that’s okay. We’re all human after all….

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