Thursday, May 9, 2013

Workshop Spring 2013 Week 6: Reflections on Heaven

While books about Heaven are interesting, the best book and only definitive authority on the subject is the Word of God.  To help you get started, consider exploring one or all of these means of going deeper with God.

1.  Consider doing a “word search” with the word “Heaven” in your bible or on and read every verse where the word is used.  Then, pick a favorite passage and read it daily for a week.  Meditate on it.  Pray through it.  If there is something you don’t understand, dialogue with God about it – ask Him!

2.  Find a trusted Bible Study on Heaven from our Seeds bookstore and go through it alone or with a friend.
3.  Listen to the song, “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe and try to picture what it might be like.  Why wait, listen right now!   Or listen to the song, “Deep Enough to Dream” by Chris Rice and do the same, imagine!

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